told you I'm cumin for u Krazy kay
and yo
i'm only doing this with you


you don't gotta be scared ain't gonna beat you
you ma son daddy gone who's gonna feed you
you so soft lil nigga I'm fucken spank you
krazy k or krazy kay get your facts straight
you ain't straight Lil nigga you a fucken gay
word on the streets u a dumb ass player
you ain't getting no pussy but u got lotta bitches
why you chilling at them corners r u a stoner?
i forgot lil nigga u a fucking loner
where ur real friends at im talking about u day ones
joe fucked ur ex something you couldn't do nigga
i know I'm da motherfucking backstabber
ain't a nigga to fuck with i'ma show you hell
i don't gotta tell u can tell i'm doing well
shut the fuck up Krazy k u embarrassing yourself
heard you ringtone nigga u sounded lyk u need me
why u outchea playing yourself?
you gon lose yourself lyk u did in 2016 oh my god
shit u showing em how to do joe done did it
im sensei done showing em how to do it
cumin at my crib 5am shit u crazy
your name suits you i know this don't amaze you
who's gonna put up with your shit
u a nuisance
u should go were u belong in the zoo nigga
clean giraffe shit nigga u ain't true to this
it's funny u did rain shit i done to you
but he never trip about it he true to this
bitches be for everybody why trip about it
stop acting lyk a bitch,bitch
u talk a lot shut the fuck up u make me sick
u should grow up Krazy kay boy u childish
u a joke I'm the motherfucken stimulator
hit you with that college wisdom I'm the timinator
my dick longer then your music career nigga
fuck you and your middleman nigga
i bet y'all finger popping each other's
ain't nobody gonna save you got your ass now
saw your bitch nigga she kinda look like Spongebob
u don't fuck with joe i'ma hit you til u drop
drop him lyk a misile i eract like a bomb
You gon' talk about babies now
how many kids you lost Krazy kay?
every bitch you impregnate get abortion
you should go get tested
i don't do no shows i just drop and lay back
you fucked with the wrong dude it's payback
sleeping on your plans cause you a fucking copy cat
kat outta this,you nothing but a doormat
you can't face me Krazy you don't amaze me
you a pussy and you lazy
sum things never change you fugazy
he gon fuck around and he say he wasn't feeling kat
that's the Krazy i know
nnete keore asa khokha
as for zodwa ego nyewa le tokoloshe ka nyoba
I know that you motherfucking crazy dawg
but you ain't crazy enough to face me you fucken pussy
Instead of writing a song about me Krazy gay
should be writing a song about your period pains


Something ain't right
Let's connect the dots
Remember i taught u how to rap but not how to fuck
And since ur bitch chose me over you it means i do something better than you do
If i knew you a bitch i would've fucked you too
Hold on stupid motherfuck i didn't just fuck your recent wify just for the record i fucked all your bitches
And that's not a punch line that's a real fact