I found miss last night
I was chilling with my friends
tell me where you are
I just wanna be alone with your
my señorita .you cleaned my
heart while Is in pains baby where do
you get your magic from
Maine man we did man
all my haters want to be around your
eeh all ma friend hope understand that
it happens I just wanna be me
I just wanna be me sing din love
in her
she cries a lot when am not around
baby am kind busy writing this song for your
Dallah what you got it
God bless me on this universe
I just wanna be LP
when you keep that smile then I know that
when you show me love then I know that you going be my devote .devote

I know I've been hurting u and that's a thing that I would never forgive myself

I've been addicted to but all along ur heart wast locked in ur shelf

I'm not so proud about the things that I did baby n I feel ashamed

You took ur heart and gave it to the wrong people abak'funi abakucengi

I took all ur Blames and made them all mine without no reason

Did all that shit thinking that I was so blind but I should forgive u