\\intro// Know Its Hard For Me i cant control what i got for you \\chorus// girl i got feelings and you blind to see girl am dependent i wont deny i feel that we should talk about this i dont feel well i feel uncontroll (able) *2 (verse1-yung_adge03) girl i got feelings i cant control my self waitse le wena gore wantlhantsa since from primary ngwanyana ke go rata ke sa gone le go itshwara waitse wantlhantsa ga ke go nagana nkare nkalla girl am a fellow i need as a mellow you know i got 1000 feelings let me tell you this nicely girl youre so gorgeous \\chorus// (verse2-yung-adge03) i feel depress ga ke bona face ya go i feel uncontrollable botle ba gago girl bo ya bua i really want to be with you treat you like a queen am dependent i need your support i wont disappoint when i look in the mirrow i wish i could see you at the same time we should talk about this bontle ba gago ba nferekanya ha ke go nagana i feel depress am dismal dont know what to do anymore i hard to look away<*4>