My “OUR” Life

My “OUR” Life (Prod. by Not Produced)


Yuh Know Corners (2013)

Lemme take this take this chance and tell yaself about myself
I done faking it lemme be real once in the lifetime
Once in my lifetime
I can speculate these other niggas they are busy faking it
Calvin Harris I made myself took my way
When the other dudes were on the same tune runnin’ it
I done seeing real niggas that I grew up looking to busy faking it
I'm an anti-hooligan as I don't do polygam'
My life is a fully setted-set of a Monopoly
I done seeing pretty girls turned into bad bitches
Humble niggas we trusted turned into bad snitches
The money changes a person a lot
Some cold as niggas now are now claimed to be “the hot”
I done seeing fake ghosts turned into real people
The more the commas, the more the squad and the more we quad
We ride low, money graphs nigga it ain't high-low
The crew, the crew grew big as the cheque got bigger
Italian fabric for the niggas that used to be cheaper
I done seeing the pro plugs turning into fake drugs
Totting bodies filling these streets with the white blood
White and you know he done overdosing it
May Liba, may Libya be fine the government ain't done working on it
I done see fake shit trending while my brothers got some job calls that are pending
The fake love of ‘pretending’ is better be ending
The legacy is going good for some and we keep on voting
The current President is the one the people trust
But hap’, but what happens when the love for him turn into a lust than it blast?
Where the love at when I done, when I done hearing oaths from my grandma nigga?
Is it that booze that turn an AK to an Uzzi?
Is it the drugs that turn a wifey into a groupie
Back in the street where I'm from it ain't that, it ain't that work
You gotta study, work and they'll be asking “where's six pack? ”
That's why you gotta show what guy is you
Do you tolerate shit or you, or you do like nonsense
No may, “NO” makes the blood revolt and you'll feel the blood sense
yeah, “yeah” is always a great answer for these typa dudes
6 in the air red line nigga no crossing it
You ain't a 6 or 7 than you an 8 shit they be killing it
30' in the fiber and 9' in the figer nigga
My life has been the strange shit that Halloween heart can't even trigger on
Copy that
Damn it.