Dreams Freestyle

Dreams Freestyle (Prod. by Yuh'Mcety)


Yuh Know Corners (2013)

I go dreams
Y.U.H nigga I'm a G.

I go dreams nigga nigga will be fucking streams
I told my bitch te ámo now she wanna give the head
I hustle for my FAM I flex for 'em to get the bread
A nigga will be hating on my dreams now it nightmare
I act as if I care but deep down know I don't care
Daymare nigga I'be flexing like Go-Ku
I'm a G nigga I own the game so don't go through
My real nigga dead now he in my dream like an Angel
Fuck nightmare that shit came with the devil
I'm a real nigga I fuck the Devil with the Jesus
I'm a real nigga fuck your chick she tryna please us
I'm a real nigga I got guns you got goons
a nigga will be coming dark like he a baboon
I ain't hit no yellow shit nigga I ain't a monkey
I eat a hole for the breakfast that a junkey
I eat raw shit that a Sushi on a cat
I hustle for my niggas so we ball and we bat
Move the umpire ain't no rule for the game
Fuck 4 for the 6 nigga I do runs
I don't have a gun nigga, fuck it I have guns!
My nightmares nigga I see your whole squad in
I chase the dream I need a Milli and a Wraith (wooo)
I want the ice so a nigga could do bathe (yeah)
I'm sick and tired of niggas that are faking it
this gotta be a talent not a skill you develop
if you ain't got it than do your own get to the top
Free my nigga Meek or else we gonn' burn the prison
We'll do that shit for Shmurda, MeekMilly that a reason
Broking probation and now you got two years for sentences
the judge gotta be mad it made us sad with all the non-senses
I got finance on my muscles I'm financially fit
Fuck every nigga that ain't be living all they dreams
they screw the shit, they fuck the shit and all they bring is nightmare
They make me feel like Piggy when his glasses were very gone
They make me act Ralph when the boys turned up on him bwoy
I'm feeling like Jack I got power over the leader
I'm red by the heart guess why they call me Mcêty the bleeder
R.I.P Stiv' my mind will always be with you brother
Was always loyal to me dawg I'll do those who did you brother
Each and every time I'm losing all the real niggas
I guess I'm the only one left with the ® tag
You tryna do me with your 9 nigga than tsek!!!
I'll kill ya with a spirit of iNgud' man dude
you first came with a dream now you coming with a nightmare
Don't you have a D so you'll come with it next year
Can I take you out shawty after that the KOP?
I'm not gonna do you wrong I am a blackop
getting to the new I was drunk now I'm sober
felt like I was Superman with shades of Harry Porter
I just look a nigga when he tryna flex on me
I got the powerhouse kilowatts the volt is all on me
Ain't no volcano nigga but know the heat is all on me
My dream was to ride in a Rarri maybe a Gatti for a Benz
Porsche Panamera one day I'll need an AMG
Maybe with the curtains and the ceiling like the MM G.
I'm on the race with my dreams and they Bolting nigga
I fight evil spirits that's why I'm so hard nigga
I ain't no Bobby bitch but I'm still a hot nigga
I ain't a killer nigga but I don't have mercy
I dribble your body like I'm Cris v.s Messi
I run along with a skill of a Boltie and a Percy
My dream was to sleep on her ass I'm talking about Cassie
I got a bitch that I ain't fucking with
She still love me but
she left me all alone and she calls on every phone
Martin Luther King had a dream and I have a vision
My vision is to finish all the mission with good decision

fuck it
I'm a real G.
believe that peeeeew