Don't U Eva Play Yourself

Don't U Eva Play Yourself (Prod. by Not Produced)


Yuh Know Corners (2013)


a nigga gotta do to get these cheques?
In a job ma nigga gotta get these perks
Got a stack, a homie' gotta stack these stacks
And than a homie' gotta crack he gotta sell these crack for the city
Pull Pity where's Kiddy?
“May the stronger survive ” K Dot said that
He is the greatest amongst his classes
I'm looking you dark like Stevie Wonder's glasses
A nigga gotta touch my teeth course I floss it
5K for the bet a nigga just lost it
I got a bitch eyeing me you know I gotta pimp it
A nigga baring night to night know I hate that
Never played myself like Henry number 12
Always seeking help to the game changers pin
Money first, body last know a nigga's sin
The paper changed these niggas now they see 'em win
Never played myself always safe for the hostage
My big crib now is looking like a fuckin' cottage
Refrigerator on braai niggas eating sausage
Never play yourself by sticking to the fakies
My word take babies to the nannies and the grannies
My sound make streeters throw away their pennies
Yuh'Mcety a young FAM with a Rush blood
Always seeking money and y'all never seek God
Life is like a game course people are playing themselves
Stick to your motto never play always slay
Copy that.