Being Broke

Being Broke (Prod. by Just a Record)


Yuh Know Corners (2013)

Being broke made me break up
Dad is there he ain't bring no cake up
Momma in the clinic check-up
Grandma there a parent figure
She a breadwinner my brother too
I try to get the bread but no the money talk, my pockets tored
My feelings mixed my heart is tored
My future bright but now it's dark
Gotta hurt myself and leave a mark
My guys is getting work but ain't I guess I got no luck so this time
Imma wait for money call and proceed with my songs and all
Wrote many recorded none I got no PC and have no gun
My friends are few so ain't no fun
The days are dark I need a light
A sun, a gun light–light it
Gotta get a rope what I live for
What you know about getting brokes in the holiday
Window shopping make heart feel the sorrow days
Daddy ain't there mama ain't here guess everybody ain't here when I need 'em
I'm turned to an orphan when I'm rich I gotta feed 'em
That's where I'll never turn back I'll say fuck 'em
They never done shit for me they made suffer a lot
Now I'm an odd job man sometimes I earn a Penn’
All the pensive lessons I'm taught I gotta learn
I gotta do it all to get the cash course

Being broke made me stress out
My heart falling watch it fall out
My soul crying watch it cry out
Being broke made me stress out
No money homies left me
Guess they gotta get the cash
course they life is going good
Being broke made me wash out
I'm feeling poor than ipara
G.F mascara holla
Being broke made me stress out
Being broke made me stress out
Smoking trees I gotta try out
White, purple drank try out
Copy that copy cat
Being broke made me stress out

For real
Y.U.H my nigga I'm a G.
Shit gang