At 1st Glance

[Intro:Yuh'Mcety & Game]

At first glance I saw the game and the hunger began
At first glance I saw the fame and the hunger began
I'm on the game's door now I'm knocking let me in

Who are you?

It's me Yuh'Mcety let me in
Please game, please fame now it's my time
I wanna shine like a mirror opposing the sun

Been thinking 'bout you, your lines in fact your talent
It got me crazy you the future,
keep it going x3

I keep going, I keep flowing, I keep glowing,
I keep growing, they keep cheering
Matter ' fact some folks are turned to be foes
Don't why maybe the fame
don't know why maybe the game
Don't know why I think I know that
when they hating the DreamChasing
They never grade up just chill up
Get me a tot bar 10 more fill up
Bible reader no Mathew no Phillip
More chains than a chain firm damn
More pain than a killer clan, clan
More stamina like Jackie Chan
Peter Pan get a pen

Yuh'Mcety show these foes that you're ready for me

Okay cool

They want bars, they want R.B but I bodybag 'em
Rush is the name let me go and chill with my FAM
Gas in the flamebox when I'm in goddamn
My FAM got me nigga and you know I got them
Never double cross, triple cross,
no, no, no
Fuck with us get smashed and we get promo
We be changing 'em down like we playing oh no
Mess with the gang and you'll get bang, bang, bang
No smile in the isle nigga but damn, damn, damn
Playing rough changing swayshie like Jet advert
I'be throwing it down like Lil Uzzi Vert
First glance don't talk just keep it steady
I'be with the plug and I told it keep it ready
1400 nigga know I'be burning 'em off
I slash my Gucci like I'm in the motherfucking show off
The best in the street, and I don't want discreet
I let her pick it and put it 'tween her feet
Let her play with it course you know it's her toy
Rubber Gang, Yuh'Mcety yeah it's they boy
MX, 'Trush, Slamzah and boy CarYah
Boy Sandr, Stivoh no no Pier
Slam Boy, So sun, BeatKiller saw me
Through the struggle I was tryna pour it down for me
Now I'm up, I'm up never going down
Copy that.