F. 2 U (Lyrical Assasin diss)

F. 2 U (Lyrical Assasin diss) (Prod. by Yuh'Mcety)


Single Tracks (2018)


Uhm Lyrical Assassin...Imma 'bout to course a sin check...

Welcome to the final end of your journey
this ain't a Joyland don't troll it's a final for tourney
I'm back from Japan I was chilling with Sansei Plick, he tought me how to do punches and how to kick flick
Screw you man course you ain't a nail you ain't need a hammer
Battling you is like dissin' a broken up, tyred hummer
With my new knife I'll be spreading your blood up like a rama
I'm a normal band zombie touch me you'll see a drama
I woke up from I.C.U and all the doctors felt the trauma
I took a drip turned into a nip than took a sip
I spit bloody deepy verses that'll make you sleep
My skills are packed with oils just for you to slip
I'm like a peanut tree course you are my nuts
Today I'll punch you till you have a bumpy face like my butts
You're busy battling the master while your wife is facing lesbian bed death
You new to this shit you're like an Alien on Earth
When you ask me 'who's the best?' I'll answer you Rollin' like Seth
I don't say that you whack but I say to you I'm the best
You like a pup to me I'll shoot your mom and break up yo nest
You call yourself an Assassin while you never drank spirit for thirst
I'll leave you done like a bitche's ass after round one
How come you say you fit while at punches you don't even throw one
I've been the best since birth you can even ask Lgwan
You can be Queen of rap not a King course you not K1
I'm rapping fror the Joyland trip man know I'm rapping for fun
When your baby momma see me she feel week before the end of the day, and she wanna give birth to ma son
I've been pressing you so long now let me call the Oxygen Squad with yo air supply
After this match my shirt will be red like I am the collector of the dirty pad supply
You're like my Fruity Loop course I kick and I slap you
To all the begginers here they know that their level is you
I'm an old M.A that will never change young M.A
Ooouu a born wack sucker aint try and mess with me
Course I'll catch him ,slice him up and fry him with his balls
You're a guy but you seem to not like sport course you don't have balls
I don't get it why they call you “Fool Cage” course u got no bars
On my lines I got a lotta trippin shit like a railway side line
On ma verses A plus while you busy berging for less like 'please B mine'
In the Pint factory you're a stranger and whenever they see you they ask 'wheres your bruh?'
In the battle you pull up with your best squad and the host is like where's your crew

Y.U.H my nigga I'm a G
Copy that.