Good guys, bad chicks
Bittersweet in the store now
I'm havin' it and I'm sweet now
Glucose level on the high now
I may be sugary but my personality is like something else bro (You know)
I done payin' the girls for something you know, they none paid for, (woah)
Payin' no guys who were always my guards,
Forgetting God, me and Angels partways
Now Imma come up with a plan again,
My mind in forest I lost it again
I heard that shit that all my blood is strain
I'm livin' with the Draculas like all day
So amazing how they stand off the the heat
It's true that their arteries is like the glaciers
Me and the church we fought over some wine
The wine was the blood of the Christ and I'm thirsty
They shove me away and I shove myself home
It's Sunday again I'm at church with the grudges
It's like I'm a witness, I'm hangin' with judges
The sentence for me, know the phrase is for them
The crowd go bezerk when I'm stopping the music
They booin’ the DJ, they crashin’ the bottles
They don't even give a damn about the models
My dream was to have something in my bank account
I had something but never was satisfied
My word is a rhyme but I'm not certified
I'm the upper echelon bed, my bad
I don't plea for no deal, listen this's what I feel
I'm painting the picture for rappers who can't
Doing the least for the homies in blacklists
I grew up, I saw the system it's a chess
It's might be 4-4-2 'cause my guys are ballin’
If this is a dream that I'm livin’ ain't waking
Fight for your bag and your family my nigga
This ain't a park, be gruesome this is like football
The most savage person is the one to win
If life is a gamble than Vegas is mine
Ocean's 11 to 13 I'm winnin’
I'm hittin' your commas, like I'm a full stop
The clever'll continue but the fool'll stop
As I proceed to read, what I'd written I'm Bourne
Call me Jason or John in different ’ccasions
I can see you but you can't see me
I don't feel you man I know your story
People like you end up like Tony
"What are you doing son?" I'm doing me
I gotta go get it my tribe will second me
I get it, I split everybody get some
I grew faster and my mind faster
Impulses races know the neurons are tracks
Jiggy Jigga doin' big outchea
It's like the moon it ain't dark outchea
Monsoon there'll soon moon
Pressure was all over me man
Had to prove everyone that I was right
Now I'm making calls like come and collect
It's like the heist how my life's fast