Popularity Contest

Am I the only one that noticed that Randall Abrahams tried to look like Miguel, what the hell, take that hair of his skull but oh well
I'm childish naturally, I'm young forever you lack originality
I know you love to bite, you might just as well eat shark
Bit my style so much that my clothes have teeth marks
Game over, restart, I'm on a new wave
I'm crowd surfing heavier than a blue whale
I lost two chains and now my shit is newer
Since when do you ouens wear krugers
You following without the origin
Ya I hear this man braggin, please someone give him a lift on your bandwagon
I'm in the pond with big fish you probably call me clown
They found me but we be looking for Dory now
I'm James Brown, actually I'm baby brown
It's probably hard for wack hardest to create a sound
Maloom told me all your snares sound the same hai shame
So maybe it's your producers to blame
They copy and paste trace, I've seen it a thousand times
You can't even trace, we see you going around the lines
You such a fraud, you call yourself a lord
Holding up someone else's work and you claiming that it's yours
That's a fake campaign smiling in your prom dress
Life is just one big popularity contest