International Naaier

International Naaiers
That's my new shit
International Naaiers
International Naaiers
International Naaiers
Something happened to rap
Something happened to rappers
They mumbling, making ballads
I've had it, where's Marshall Mathers?
Make a hashtag status
Saying 'White Rappers Matter'
Well, aside from Macklemore
Anything but yours
Take the red pill or the blue pill
I'll swallow both for two mil
I'm insane and unusual
Plus my wordplay is brutal
I am like the fruit that was healthy then got stale
And now you're forced to down the end of this cocktail
I'm still ill with bars, but it's not jail-
I got bail, plus I'm as strong as an oxtail
I came back from Europe and I got a lekker braai tan
I met ouens smuggling drugs up to Thailand
They with the carriers
Crossing over the barriers
No matter where I go
I permi know the shady characters
We travellers
Now I'm back lamming in the Western Province
But I have a problem with the progress and the level of it
The next stop is USA so I can get the dollars
But middle finger goes to Helen, Jacob and you Donald
This is a test run - wait until my final oral
I'll pass with flying colours
International Naaiers

[Outro: YoungstaCPT]
'This wasn't gonna be no fuckin' prep work or effort, no album shit this was just like, ''Oh, yo Youngsta, I got this, you know, loose MP3 beats that don't have the export files, I can't do anything with it, lemme play some for you,'' and I was like "Bra this shit is fucking dope, lemme record." '