Daily Meditation

When the turn up is over broe then what you gonna do
When you come back down to reality, things start to make sense

I'm trynna figure out this intricate plot of life
I got a mic but I toss turn and I don't sleep right a lot of nights
My girl left but didn't have to go, we never got the chance to grow, she disappeared like it's a magic show
My brasse look to me for leadership
So I write about my life
But sometimes it's hard to find a beat that fits
Cape Town is where my allegiance is
We been opressed so long
But there ain't another kid as deep as this
The road is hard but I'ma find a way
I'm guilty of not making Salah five times a day
But I pray before I close my eyes, we holy gods with gangster personalities, enemies try to damage me
And to their disappointment I persevere
Motherfuckers can't wait to tell me gossip nowadays
That's all I hear
They small things amuse small minds, you in the club man I'm trying to make it through these hard times
I saw crimes being committed like it was legal
All for gold rings, crack heads looking like Sméagol
On social networks, that's the quickest way to get hurt
Reading comments about my music
By people who think they experts
A long length verse, coz I had to drop the knowledge
Retire from rap and find me living modest in a cottage
I don't really want much, a wife kids and two cute pups
Happily ever after, thinking of it gives me goosebumps
I chose a different path in life to grab the mic
And address women and alcohol
That's what you think I'm after right
A tragic sight but it's entertainment
I'm on the train station
Yet these motherfuckers think the kid is famous
Every minute changes happen don't be blind to it
I'd rather you learn it from me then do it how I do it
Your music is cool but you ain't got no vibe to it
You can make love to this song or you can cry to it