Young Buff

Don't Wanna See You Shine


Wen u doing good they don't wanna see you shine they just wanna see you down all the time coz they know you got it on top I been praying to God for the hope I will nevr lie to my thang I will stand I will run my way ama show you God got me up God Got me running fast oh yeah my dreams ain't fedin Up I believe in myself mama knows that um grinding all the tym I got future hopes .eyy eyy

Verse 1

Always on my way tryna do my thang niggas hate my shine coz um the man I been praying to god tryna get love too much on my way I am grinding all the day I am real to my thang everything um doing is good yeah I got future hopes too i was in my comfort zone writing verses everything I See so good I know am good too I remember when I told you that um good all you think about is hurtin my feelings most people will never believe That um gonna be like a relief .

Verse 2

See me in The way rolling with my niggas ama goal Getta them niggas gonna talk about it ain't giving a f*ck bout it um looking at my dreams they tryna stop my Beliefs um done with the lame decisions they making my session to be Lame everything I talk about come From my heart y'all don't know I been in the back of Da show I just give it a five I Will never eat dinner with sinner I just wanna ball like a cleaner too much in my way I told em dat ready um chasing my dream everything that I am Doing um doin great man .


# Title Length
2 Only One 3.06
3 Don't Wanna See You Shine 3:22