Still Here

This moment is dedicated to the great and ever powerful Sis’ Busi Mhlongo
Who even now as I speak her spirit is being called by the heavens above
This moment is also dedicated to my mother
And my late father the great scholar and revolutionary
Who continues to inspire me…

I am nothing without you by my side
I can’t and I won’t go on
And right now I feel your arms so warm around me…

They hate you when you here but they love you when you gone
What’s the point when you can’t go on this aint a song
It’s just a moment in time I’m holding a torch
To find your way home I left the candle on the porch
Let the bacon be the light you can see it through the night
They say they know my pain but nobody knows what this is like
What’s the point I ask him why
We chuckle to see you smile one chance to say goobye
But you gone…

[Chorus x2]
But you gone baby (I know you still here)
So warm around me (Can you still hear me?)
But you gone baby (I know you still here)
Oh you gone….

They say it’s written in the stars
I’m right here how can they write it so far
They say it all heals with time
How many times they gon’ tell me the same line
You told me hold on be strong I’m still trying
These nights are long like a journey to Mount Zion
If I walk I know I’ll never walk alone
I feel your footsteps besides me in the song
But you gone…

[Chorus x2]

Before they close the final chapter here’s an entry
A few words to last for the next hundred centuries
You gave more than anyone can understand
So I let it all go and let the pen leave my hand
The universe the ancestors say stand
So I stand to accept the legacy I feel your hand
I watch the angels as they take you
This is just my way to say thank you… so thank you

[Chorus x2]