Salute… salute…

[Chorus x2]
Get up this job is still far (Salute)
Show ‘em that you aint soft (Salute)
They can’t win coz you messing with the best
They can’t shake us coz we destined for greatness

Like a soldier to a general
Look in my eyes no fear remember pinnacle
It’s lonely at the top so be
Haters trying to stop but I still can’t see
Salute us in a straight line
Yes sir… No sir don’t waste my time
You fake plus you walking on a thin line
Stand up straight I’m telling you for the last time
Salute us like you mean it boy
We push Hummers like a military convoy
We hot like summer time in Iraq like summer time in Zaire
Put your hands in the air… and


Salute us in a Porsche truck
Watch the haters on the corner leave ‘em all stuck
My peoples watch your back life is dangerous
Keep reppin’ for your city put your flags up
Salute us when you see us fam
Communicating with sign language they don’t understand
Pledge your allegiance United States of Africa
Americana eat it up and spit it back at cha
Salute us to show due respect
Salute us when you see us what did you expect
These haters wanna be us watch ‘em break they necks
We just stepped into the spot you know what comes next


Salute us when we go to war
Stop asking what this stripes on my shoulders is for
Wind pipe fully loaded like an R4
Spit heat aiming straight for your front door
To nobody like a mercenary
The only time you see us is when it is necessary
You suckers couldn’t see with binoculars or rifle scopes
See ‘em plotting as I raise the toast
To young soldiers lost along the way
Salute us like a soldier on his last day
Salute my dedication to the hustle
Who else but Young Nations put my faith in the struggle… and


Well in today’s news
The United States of Africa Album continues to sell
Millions of copies around the world
In war torn destinations such as Kambuda, Mozambique and Salvador
The album continues to move copies
And becoming a cult classic to young revolutionaries and soldiers around the world