GP (The City Is Mine)

Young… Nations
Yeah… yeah

I run this city I own this bitch
I don’t need a Rolex niggaz know that I’m rich
Black credit card I got a black X6
Sealed to the rim with black model-c chicks
They all talk slick so I talk slick back
Packed blue skies that hurl hair back
My radio is high drive right by
Aint no big deal to hear my song on Y
Heavy rotation still Young Nations
International like Joburg stations
I love my city we run it like a marathon
Friday nights we chill in Melville
Cats Pyjamas fresh from the SAMA’s
Fresh with the chick that look hotter than Rihanna
Ela… ela… ela… ay
Still nothing- still nothing I can do this all day
Let’s go…

I run this city for real who’s with me
I’m so ill the city is mine (GP Joburg)
Is my city GP is you with me
I’m for real the city is mine (GP Joburg)
The city is mine… (GP Joburg) X4

I keep the bank account moving like Bree
So JMPD wanna see my ID
Step aside half a clip then I’m free
Take a cellphone pic for the record that’s me
Local P. Diddy mayor of the city
You battle me come on don’t be silly
Check it out my city flash you like a movie
I’ve been through more twists and turns than Gilluhlies
Interchange … I’m heavy in a Range
You stuck in traffic I bounce right pass it
Off ramp to William Nicol
Flowing through Fourways make you loose control
Hit Rivonia touch Greyston
We in Sandton stretched in a mansion
White folks say I’m BEE
Coz my license plates say Young Black & Rich GP
That’s me…


Nations where did you go?
Yeah see Joburg chicks love my Joburg swag
Hit Joburg quick with my Joburg jack
Joburg jeans with my Joburg sack
I love Joburg… Joburg holla back
I’m in the zone at the Rosebank Zone
Got the latest ringtone on the latest i-phone
Hayi… who can doubt me what about me
What would Joburg city be without me
The flashy lights the Saturday nights
This is Ganstas Paradise you better hide your ice
Sunday sunrise we in the ghetto
Six pack and a braai in a 325i
I’m so fly down Soweto highway
Sunset sunroof I do it my way
This is nothing I can do this all day
Believe me when I tell you represent for the J
My city…