Zwakala Emzansi

I waited my whole life for this moment
Through it all somehow we made it through
Young Nations, I thank you
Mzansi let’s go…

[Chorus x4]
Zwakala nganeno (HOZA!) zwakala (HOZA!)
Zwakala emzansi (HOZA!)

Hey yo we celebrate ten again
My people get up stand up
Put your head up hands up all in together now
They thought that we will fail we didn’t
My people listen I’m a… man on the mission
So excuse me for reminiscing I use my intuition
For the children the legacy we leave behind
Blind but I saw my vision
My ancestors spoke to me so I had to listen
New day new sound it’s a new religion
From Cape Town to the gates of Robben Island prison
A celebration with Ray Phiri and Young Nations
Sure mfana another tight collaboration
From suburbs in the cities to your local locations

[Chorus] X4

I’m just sharing dreams glad to share my vision
I was free when I was born so now it’s time to listen
Look at where we came from it’s like a miracle
I photographed my life-story made it lyrical
I’m digital, wont you feel me in a physical
They tried to stop us but I made it to my pinnacle
They say each one teach one bring one in the sun
So if I reach one my job is done
This a true celebration dance to it
Go ahead clap your hands to it
Groove to it stay focused don’t loose it
Uyakhumbula old school seyibuyile
Young nations ses’fikile baf’wethu

[Chorus x4]

Y’all remember when I told you to win, I remember
I remember like a Friday afternoon in December
Swimming pool cooler boxes cool as a cucumber
You know there’s nothing like mzansi in the summer
To close friends of mine that passed away before the sunshine
I dedicate this to you baf’wethu everyline
They never thought we’ll make it this far
But here I am and there you are
So stand up… zwakala

Put your hands together thank you brother Ray
For freedom, this time, never forget where you came from
Ningakhohlwa baf’wethu
Just remember, bambanani , the time is now
The world is yours, stand up, never give up
South Africa let’s go…

[Over the Chorus]
Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. Ray Phiri
Mzansi … mzansi… mzansi
Mama Africa, stand up come on stand up
Come on let’s go…

Zwakala nganeno (Hoza… Hoza… Hoza) x4
Young Nations…