[Young Nations]
I remember… I remember
I remember when been black was more than just a figure of speech
When we gave back knowledge for the children to teach
Before the R.D.P’s and reconciliation (long!)
Before Robben Island was a tourist destination
How soon we forget (yep!)
Your success is from the blood tear and sweat, of people you never met
I was never born equal
I live my life through the death of Steve Biko, Cry Freedom the sequel
This time they won’t kill us, we gorillas (come on!)
That’s from the heart so when you sore you feel us
Sometimes I want the revenge of Hector Peterson
Till then I’m not sleeping
I wanna cry but I can’t stop speaking (come on!)
I wanna die but I can’t stop breathing (come on!)
Ekasi there’s nothing left to believe in
Babies are born but still die for no reason
Raped till they bleeding, Young Nations I aint leaving
Somebody pray for me, I risk my life so you can taste my pain
On colds nights I embrace the rain
Hold tight till you break the chains
Wait let me explain, crocodile tears afflicted with blood stains
So my heart pumps liquor through my veins
I’m diabetic, I’ll probably die in the hands of a paramedic
On my way to Chris Hani (Baras!)
Boxing for my life like Mandela when he turned 20
It’s complicated, apologies to the family (it’s so sad)
Your son didn’t make it, his life wasn’t wasted
Learn from him, in the townships stolen cars they burn for him
Broken hearts for the girls who still yearn for him
Pray on pass the torch to your next of kin
It’s the second uprising Sharpville again (Amandla!)
This time we march from Sandton to Orlando Stadium
Hold the whole world for ransom
I couldn’t put it in words, so I sat down wrote an anthem
Sing it with me you can feel my passion
Come on Young Nations (Young Nations)

[Chorus: Madhuva]
Together if we separate we’ll fall
Just raise your fist shout out and stand up tall
No matter where life takes you , you just don’t give in
Coz you and I, I know we’ll surely win

K’dala sigijima asiy’bone i-finish line
Kodwa maw’qhoma i-mess skhoba ngama 9
Akukho amanzi teargas ey’emehlweni (nyenbezi)
Emakhaleni thata i-cover emsagazweni
Amaqhawe siyabiza ama-comdrades
Bathi singama kaffir our voices will fade
Khumbula chisa istina ngeke ngikhale sebephola
Till ’94 inkululeko sayithola
Sisahlupheka s’bamba’ikedje s’khomba imali
Ne-AIDS es’figele bayakhala abazali
Bathengisa amadladla bathengisa nem’sebenzi
Kubajw’ inkunzi inhlopheko abas’yenzi
Konke ngik’zamayo nakonke ngikuenzanyo ngiyakufela
Ngiyaba begela abafuni kulalela
Indoda emnyama against indoda emnyama
Forward forever backwards never (Auzwe … auzwe …auzwe)

[Young Nations]
Damn to me ghetto life is like a movie
But we, far from actors the location is Fekas
Hola seven

Hola six plus one
[Young Nations]
We stick together like a clip and a gun
Ekasi siphelile iskhathi hey majita ningazodlala
I can’t feel this…
[Young Nations]
The realness coming through your speakers
We call ‘em niggaz
Babize ngamajita! Hola bade!
Uyazi ekasi si-blind mfana githi
[Young Nations]
We survive in the city, get by in the city
Get hi in the city, wipes mama’s tears when she cries in the city
Wonke umuntu ‘funa kubamb’ u-Chester
Mina ngipheth’ i-pressure yes yes ya uyangihlukumeza
Thiqco somandla ngiyasweleza yini ‘ngathi uyangi-testa
Woza khehla…
[Young Nations]
I’m in this baby
I feel the same pain, Carlifornia still crazy
Crack babies back from the 80’s
So far gone even God couldn’t save me
The handcuffs are on, the thugs are all gone
The hate is intact but the trust is torn
Pray on…
Sengibone inyembezi zekazi
Isililo sabafazi isikhalo samadoda
Sengifuna ‘kupejeza inja ebofu
Sekukhala imayemaye sengiphethe ezagithi insizwa we madoda
[Young Nations]
Shosholoza run the streets like a Porsche, through Dobsonville
How many more babies is AIDS gon’ kill
Y’all niggaz still chasing the thrill, we love life
And shoot dice with the thugs at night
Trying to whisper in their ears “you should your life”
Young Nations June 16 1976 raise your fist
Word up, don’t ever forget where you come from
It’s a long walk to freedom…

You know we all did wrong (that’s right)
But life it still goes on (it goes on)
So let us not forget (hold on) together we will win
(stay strong the world is yours)
You know we all did wrong
But life has to go -o-o-o-o-o-o-on (go ahead sing the anthem)

WE WILL WIN (put your fist up put your fist up)
Together if we separate we’ll fall
WE WILL WIN (put your lighters up X2 come on)
Raise your fist shout out stand up tall
WE WILL WIN (Chester, Young Nations come a long way)
Don’t give up don’t give in don’t give up
WE WILL WIN (come a long way put your fist up x2)
Together we can make it
WE WILL WIN (they never thought we can do this)
H-o-o-o-o h-o-o masibabaneni (they pray for our down fall)
WE WILL WIN (they wanted us to fail)
Don’t give up don’t give in don’t give up
WE WILL WIN (here we are)
Masibambaneni… (ma-comdrades)

Hold on (bambelela) Hold on (bambelela)

We gonna win (x5) (come on)
My brother… (pray on Chester)

Yes’ isifiso sami, uguthi nginithathe nonke
Nginifake endaweni yokulunga nokuthula