Syeke Ngey Ndaba

Dad told me one time
Don’t let yourself get attached to anything
You are not willing to walk out on
30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner
Now if you around me you gotta move when I move
How you expect to keep on, come after you
(That’s an interesting point)

[Chorus x2]
Anis’yeke ngey’ indaba (Siyekeleni ngeyi ndaba) (x3)
Cut the talk walk the walk s’yeke ngey’ indaba
(Siyekeleni ngeyi indaba)

[Young Nations]
We communicate like birds
Young Zulu boy from Durbs
KZN south coast hover over trying to chase me in my grey BM
Match Box or Dolphin either way I’m in
Eish s’buya e-loxion let the games begin
Focused like Makhaya Ntini coz I play in the wind
Hola Khanye Manzini that’s me in a Pro white T
Unreleased by the sleeve Playa Sport by the jeans
K6 by the kicks and I’m cool as shit
With a hot Swati chick cruising the townships
Bothered by me I’m the hottest MC
First album going plat s’B.I.G hayi gabi


… Saudi Westerns
We at the cross roads where Jo’burg meets Durban
Pro and Maggz for Young Nations and each person
On the Potch road pushing full speed in a German
Yes, kushi itayera till they peep through the curtain
Yes, cruising your suburb u phuma e-loxion
You gotta respect ikguzu ntwana awuna option
Let me show you the way how you suppose to play
Unless you plan to get drunk never open the case
Coz they open your case, with guns open your face
Whether ingithi or jele or they smoking away
It only makes ‘em stronger approaching their prey
That’s why Maggz move thugs like coaches and trains

[Chorus x2]

… Ayi uyazi
This rap is my world and ngiyawufela lomhlaba
Wa thinta mina uguny’ i-Brooklax uzoyinyela loyondaba
Baba saba labafana bama-ama baya baba
Lama-bullet asewe rubber mfana uzokhabakhaba
While we chasing blazing ways changing you into a patient
Fuck what you facing open the case it’s Saudi and Young Nations
Bangas’zosi zela ngeyindaba mas’vela e-speyisini
Asisabi iqcala mfana whether parole or probation
So stop acting foolish, forget the props this aint the movies
We came to do this, sinifak’ isgela pay your school fees
Trust with the nubies, so don’t be a pussy like them groupies
I’m behind bars with the track I’m shushing
It’s a life sentence…

[Chorus x4]