Rock On

Rock, rock on
Come on…

Townships who we are, we overcame so far
Young black superstars, went from toy jeans to expensive cars
Changing life by any means the world is ours
Best friends turn to enemies you gotta watch ‘em close
See them plotting as I raise the toast
Memories forgotten but wherever I go
I keep ‘em locked away in a place no one knows
To the day I see you in the cross roads again
Your only son you’ll never hold him again
But I’mo hold the family down
Never hold back, hold on watch the world go round
This is more than song apologies for all of my wrongs
Alcoholic I was just missing home
For my sins I atone, and even though the flesh is gone
The love and the spirit lives on
Come on…


This is love in the lyrical form
When you hear it in the beat
Say rock, rock on
This is how we touch spirits that’s gone
When you hear it in the street
Say rock, rock on
We emerge from the weeded thorns
If you believe me repeat me
Rock, rock on
A mad eyes and child is born
A miracle rock, rock on
Rock, rock on

Hold the dice this is not life
Do to Africa what they did to Christ, with the sacrifice
Young Nations I was born to fight
Cry with the street children when they mourn at night
If I could I would give you my life, trade places
Erase the pain off those beautiful black faces
Take you as my son and raise it
If I could I would take you off the basement
But no matter where you are
All you gotta do is look up the stars
Swear to God I’ll be shining back down
Too late to turn back now, the world is to my back now
I’m trying to pray but I’m choking on track now
If God would take me back now
Coz I miss mom and I’m home alone and I wanna come home
Inhale my last breath like a heavenly poem
Stay strong young soldiers, coz life goes on
Come on…


Heartbroken I feel your pain without words spoken
I’mo drift in the same ocean
But if I slip from the same emotion
Who will be your crutches
How can this be I thought God loves us
But he does and he is still above us
Feel that sunshine, all I can do is leave my thoughts behind
Every verse is like a life line, hear my voice
The verse is like been baptized in the summer time
The lives we lost in this black holocaust
Africa we are so lost, but so found
My soul is like a ghost town
I’m just trying to escape, is God a fake
No tears but you can see the pain on my face
No bottles for my comrades as I spill the crate
I know it’s so in vain but the feeling is great
Put your fist to the ceiling it’s never too late
To change… Young Nations

[Chorus x2]