My Legacy

Ha ha yo (remember the name)
We just cooling out right now (remember the name)
Hanging with your boy Young Nations (remember the name)
Cool breeze… drop the top if you want to (‘member the name)
Let that cool breeze hit you (‘member the name)
Ha ha you can’t see me

Yo it’s hard to see me coz I move so cautiously
R.I.P to the soldiers resting in peace
Got the world on my shoulder the rest is on me
Sometimes I feel like Akon when I rode by my lonely
Fans say they love but they don’t even know me
So I pray to God above me, somehow He might hold me
Pay respects when I pass by… (aitha) sanibonani
Young Zulu boy from southern California
Back to give you something to blaze to
Go ahead light it up tell you stories that’ll amaze you
The guts and the glory the joy and the pain too
And if you fail there’s no one else to blame but you
Sometimes I feel I’m boxing myself
There’s nothing to fear in this true world but life itself
So I let the chips fall play the cards I’m dealt
And if I fall then at least I was felt
It’s my legacy

[Chorus x2]
It’s the words that I leave behind
They might just stand the test of time
No doubt it’s my legacy
Now what was I suppose to do
Give it up instead I did it for you
Holla back
It’s my legacy

Yo before we rapped about sound scan and radio play
All I needed was a mic a DJ and I was straight
Okay you do the beatbox and I’ll kick the rhyme
Make the crowd do exactly what we say like Simon
Real hip hop (don’t stop) just like the tears that we drop
Fallen peers pour out beer on our block
This is so sincere, so tell me if you feel me and ah
We’ll promise each other we’ll make it to the top
I was built like the pyramids
Still got the audacity to call Africans illiterate
So intelligent at the same time so militant
Use my pen as my weapon my enemies oppression
No question I’m doing this strictly out of love
If you with me go ahead and throw both hands up
I encourage you to do the same, fist up stay free
That’s me living on through my legacy…

[Chorus x2]

I speak truth like fallen tears from a young child born in the slums
I get away but there’s no where to run
I kneel to pray take my life as it comes
With a knife and a gun, might make it if I follow the sun
Lord forgive me, they wish that we would fail
Locked up in jail, from slavery to apartheid somehow we prevailed
We lost two generations through Bantu education
No hesitation give my life for my liberation
Look what we facing, African babies been written off as AIDS patients
(That’s crazy) Life is crazy, through the trials and tribulations
I refuse to except, speak truth until my lungs is out of breath
And every time I stand up, they put guns to my chest
I refuse to put my hands up, go ahead press
If it’s my time to go then Lord let it be
Mas’fika is’khathi sami ngizo vaya so free
Aluwa continua jam that I freak
Listen close to the words I speak (I speak)
Aluwa continua jam that I freak
Listen close to the words I speak (I speak)
It’s my legacy

[Chorus x2]

Hey yo this album is dedicated
To everybody that helped me to get where I am right now
Much love y’all, I told you I’ll do it
Yo this album is dedicated, to everbody I grew up with
From L.A to S.A and back again
It’s your boy, once again never give up
Just remember the world is yours