Mr Hustla

Rewind this… it’s Nations behind this

One two one two…wha…wha, wha, wha
One two one two … come on
One two one two … wha… wha, wha, wha
One two

Go ahead rewind this it’s Nations behind this
MegaHertz hooked the track for rap’s finest
Young Nations put me on that rooster
Put me on the block like Perelli’s to that Boxter
Young black mobster, cops wanna block us
Walking out the club to 4WD knockers
And they both topless, but for us that’s nothing
25 inches on the rims that’s nothing
Diplomatic status in a Benz that’s nothing
Smash you and your best friend still nothing
Come on we sip don in the heart of Brookl’on
Same day blow chronic in the heart of L.A
Left my heart in L.A, so walk with me now bounce with me
Sit back blow a whole quarter ounce with me
We the reason why they call it traffic
Up and down the inner state, weight wrapped in plastic
Rudeboys, aint no telling what we’ll do
When the Feds come knocking at a quarter to two
Yo we might just knock back, with a four pound hammer
Get away call Lou Santana
No car radio just the old police scanner
And the glock nine wrapped in the Spanish bandana
Headed to Atlanta, I’m gone till November
They got us on camera, I’m gone till December
Back for the summer, platinum on the Hummer
Rocks on the Roly, them cowards don’t know me
But you still owe me, so prepare for the pay back
Time Square Jo’burg man y’all niggaz hate that
But you gotta love me…

Me, Mr. Hustla, so put the cash in the air Mr. Hustla
We the reason why they stare at the hustlaz
Put your 7’s in the air for the hustlaz, Mr. Hustla
Me, Mr. Hustla I put the cash in the air it’s the hustla
I’m the reason why they stare at the hustlaz
Put your 7’s in the air for the hustlaz, Mr. Hustla

I run with A-class felons, fooli’ nigga who you telling
Banana clip put two through your melon
I got the Michael Jackson beef the record is not selling
Like a first round traffic and I fail numbers
I pack enough heat for the next twelve summers
My wrist falls like snow I blow past winter
With co’ffenders I will tip the bone benders
The engine in the M3 is so horrendous
Forth gear put the pedal on the floor and peel
Y’all niggaz know the score is real
House of Tandoor, we on the top floor hi with them rasta niggaz
Blowing trees like Oscar winners
Overseas we are not beginners, pop beginners
Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop till we finish
Hot 97, YFM they both spinners (Why??)
Coz we hustling and holla if you feel us

[Chorus x2]