Going to the top

Going to the top (Prod. by Mafra)

Young DeeKay ft Joe Zee

Dope boyz (2018)

Wake up joe Zee.

    We are young kids with big dreams
    We going to the top
   We rising up,Going up,Pulling up,gearing up We are going to the top of the top
    uh Yeah
                     (Verse 1)

Niggar niggar we pull on the bash
We bashing up thats how we do it
We buying gold, We selling fame     27 shoes in one week
We got the sauce, we some hot niggas
I'm dukalover you dont wanna
Mess with me
Me and joe zee will hunt you down
We going to the top
We got our gear
We gearing up like a car
We looking for the map to find the destination
 Niggar where the chicks at coz
I know you love them so bad

We pull up pull up pull up
Re ba tsena ka style
This is deekay the master of verse

          verse 2

going to the top going to the top nigger
me and dee Kay we going to the top
jealous down nigger jealous down nigger
why you hating just because you can't reach my level
I'm going to the top and you hating
I've been praying everyday now look where I am
thanks to my parents thanks to my friends
shutout to the niggers
keep it up
I'm going up I'm going up
I'm going to the top
I'm slaying the mic with my nigger
young dee Kay
I'm here dancing with my nigger @aytee
ay shit 
life been so hard now imma killa
imma nigger
imma hustler
I'm Joe-zEE yea I killed my verse and I'm done nigger