[VERSE 1:A4]
My mind is overpowered by the way how am thinking
I nearly took my life, am now dripping
My life is tripp either way I have to see a person,
A person that will never judge me, but to show me a way
Everyone is different and I know am different
Everybody is different
All I need is peaceful…..
Rap is so peaceful
I’m even feeling drowsy, regardless how am feeling
I’m the man I can manage, you don’t have to worry
Can you give me time while I tryna fix my problems
And am taking all the process and I hope you don’t mind
I’m passing on a stage where nobody wanna pass
Cause its really hurting,
Baby stop flirting, can you be my doctor?
I will be your patient,
Give me kissing meds, I will never skip a day without drinking meds
Everyone is confused, I’m understandable
My rappers are like am doing mathematics
And you really wanna tell me you the best!!
Nah wait A4 is the best, matter fact am the king
And my lyrics are the case even lawyers failed to win the case
What are you with the grades?
Yeah wait a moment do you really want me to continue
Do you really wanna see yourself in a casket?
That’s a coffin, to the graveyard
With lotta cars, with lotta people singing slow jams
I don’t think you wanna be there
If you wanna be alive stay in your lane
I will be the car, driving through the rail
Chasing after a train
Ohh did I just said the?
Maybe is in my brain

Sometimes I feel so different when these people they hate on me
Oh (yeah)
Sometimes I feel so different when these people they hate on me

I'm feeling so different
Everytime I'm different
All my life I'm different
Now you know that I'm different

By the time you understand my lines you will be dead
I will send you to the graveyard you will be there
Everyone will be crying no smile there
I hope you understand what you gonna get there
This is how am feeling when am feeling myself
This feels so different now we doing our selves
I want black or red ship now we racing in the game
Is YMA4 now we running in the fame
Bounce to the bounced back I get lot of money
What am I doing with these niggas, they feel different
I ain't even feel myself no more any seeds
I go to heaven, I never got there
I hope you put the sense in or on what you do
You don't even understand me, what you doing?
Cause everything you doing you ain't doing it by yourself
I can guarantee you will be there like me
Jesus Christ is back Young Mahasi is going in
I ain't even know myself cause am feeling different
A4 is taking care of the shit that am dropping
Lately we the best, cause we ain't stop going
Get here!
You got what I said man?
Put some respect on what we do; cause shit that we dropping lately that's what we do
These bitches wanna send nodes picture
I ain't feeling myself I don't want the same pussy
Fuck these niggas, they wanna do me
I'm just gonna kill them
They ain't wanna see me on top I used to be on top of them baby mamas
Now I treat them like a banana
I'm just being myself
I hate these niggas when they tryna shoot on us
Well, we even keep going
YM why you keeping saying?