Don't Take My Life

Triple S
Get Them

[VERSE: 1]
I promised not to give up on my dreams
I wanna live my life without knowing how it means, yeah
More money no sins, grudge time more scenes
Well I know I am not perfect,
I know how to point them wrongs and tryna make them right, yeah
God got my heart in his hands, if he claps then I’m dead
Ey don’t take my life, keep your hands closed
I wanna live for Life
I wanna have more kids and lot of wives
I know it sounds crazy, no psychiatrics
My life is so important than a person who’s tryna live
I know exactly what I mean never mind my words
I’m better than a life, life knows that
People yelling on me like I’m a prophet
I ain’t knitting y’all, I got no crochet
We live for death but you know death afraid me

I face the truth when am living my life
I face the truth when they tryna take my life
I face the truth when am living my life
I face the truth when am living my life
I face the truth when am living my life
I face the truth when they tryna take my life
I tell the truth don’t take my life
Tell the truth don’t take my life

[VERSE: 2]
Don't take my life am livin’ for my fam
Yeah life you livin’ you livin' it for your gang,
My mama gave me life well my job is to survive
One thing that will never change is gonna be my soul
Oh ooh
You livin’ with the murders and am livin’ with the rappers when we livin’ for the moment
My sister used to say life is written with the soul then printed with the body when you get the chance of livin’ in this world
Look me in my eyes you can see that am scared
Cause I don't wanna die
I really wanna live, you ain't need to take my life to get things that you need
Still I can see you even started wonderin’
I better let you know one thing that matters most to my love ones
Listen up and grab
Human living this life is the only real livin’ gift


[VERSE: 3]
I promised my mother that am gonna get her what she wants
But here you are, tryna terminate my life for the things that I bought for myself man
I’m a lovin’ person to my family man
I got lot lot of things that I wanna do for the world man
Let me live life, you aren’t a life taker
I got undertaker
Somehow I ready know that life will be taken


[VERSE: 4]
I dream big no need for me to wake up
If you tryna plot a death behind my back
Know I gotta lot of eyes to see you when you come around
I know you wanna take my life like an ant down
It’s funny you know how to kill but not to exposed
I’m like a cat, I live nine lives
They say life and death are friends, ain’t bond with them
Play safe no life will accept you twice
As much I feel like somebody wanna take my life,
I swear they gonna rue that when they chance around
God gave us life not to be cold hearted
If you wanna take my life you better stop now
My eyes are tired of looking around
You not Jesus ouch!
I kneeled down I pray now don’t take my life
I know you're anonymous
Grinding on'em people you that you really know it’s playin’ with fire that might burn you