Say My Name ''Steezy''

(Verse 1)

Low-key Peter Parker flow
Tell her bring some Ace of Spades no sparklers though
Private flights no hassle I just park and go
I’m the highlight like when markers glow
Oooooh, look what you created
Only got yourself to blame
I remember when you hated ooooh
Now you tell me take my time
How bout I just take your city make that muthaf-cker mine uh ha
I’m a underground king ho
I sit tall, I swang low
The game ain't always fair and thats the thing though
You can play your heart out everyone don’t get a ring though
You are in the presence of a champion
Bout to get a condo that I can fit your mansion in
You always be calling her, she ain’t never answering
You ain’t figured out I am the reason that she canceling
I be at the parties where you stuck outside and can’t come in
Call me Ron Bergundy ya’ll the other anchormen
Whats on the news trick, gossiping bout music
Cause rumours I’m the new shit
And guess what it’s true bitch