Hennessy Givenchy
Hennessy X 2 Gevenchy
Hennessy Gee


Verse (Yc Steez)

Boy, I came from the grind up
I never threw the towel in, even in saunas
D hat on me, bitch, it's just to remind you
I knew I was riched up before I had commas
Back when I used to pull up in that Honda, police was behind us
I would still wake up like I'm in the Bahamas
Fuck a money counter, boy
I count this shit up faster than E. Honda
Threw a party wit' Future, that's Futurama
Got a future baby mama lookin' like a young Madonna
Mixin' wit' Rihanna, boy, I couldn't tell you where to find her
But I treat her like I'm finer
Man, y'all fucked the game up, boy, I got to reset it
I was born in '98, but I been ready since '97
No unleaded, countin' up Aretha Franklins, you got to respect it
What the fuck these niggas want from me, nigga?
She call me cause she want some company
I'm more focused on my company
If they want me, tell 'em they gon' have to come and hunt for me
Boy, I'm a beast, head over fireplace, nigga
I'm a product of my environment
I'm a bring her home, yeah
I'm a empire her to my empire, big as Empire, nigga
Runnin' through the city on some Young Caesar shit
Know I made a couple flips, on some "Pizza! Pizza!" shit
Yeah, just know I'm livin' single on some young Khadejah shit
And I'm checkin' for the commas on some English teacher shit