One More Time


It's nothing ah ah oh yeah ....yeah ......yeah
all right all right

Hook (Yc Steez)

I'm like Ooouuu Can I hit I t One More Time
Like Ooouuu Can I hit One More Time
Can I hit it One More Time
Can I beat it Face Down
Can I hit it One More Time
Can( I hit It X 4 Hit it One More Time Girl

Verse 1 (Yc Steez)
If you come over I'm gonn hit it
I you come Around Imma Beat it
I'm so addicted i wont quit it
Imma beat that Pussy Up Hellokitty
you wanna know what's the deal
you want a Xannie to chill
I love how you keeping it real
The way that you making me feel(Baby)