Dark Dayz


Mike jack with dance moves
No criminal, but I’m still smooth
Your bop is a thot
She giving top
No tony, tony but it feel good

Kickin up shit Like ka- ra-tay
Bruce lee with the chop man
West coast like LeBron James
Home court
Nigga my game

Too many endeavors (ok)
Young nigga too clever (ok)
Me losing never (ok)
I’m bout whatever (ok)
Grinding forever (ok)
Stacking my cheddar (ok)
I’m the aggressor (ok)
You fold under pressure (ok)
Minimal effort (ok)
Yeah minimal effort

Yeah, yeah

Got your thotty on my line
She wanna give me Duncan Hines
Cake for days if I hit it
She gone turn me diabetic

Now all I see is dark days for you niggaz
Kam did it, he done turned me to a killer
Dark days for you niggaz!!
Now all I see is dark days for you niggaz!
Man I’m deep of in my own lane
I just do my own thang
Cali to Portugal gottem going insane
Dark days for you niggaz
Now all I see is dark days for you niggaz

yeah, yeah, yeah

Murder the beat like assassin
Fire breathing like a dragon
Natsu with the flame,
That’s anime stay your lane
Yeah I want all of the smoke
Lyrically rip out you throat
Murder he wrote
I’m going super Saiyan
You niggaz Ginyu force
room full of dorks
Nigga don’t test me
Jump on and riding the beat
Like a jet ski
You niggaz Disney on ice...

I slide on you niggaz like
I was Wayne Gretzky

Now Back to the anime
I’m a rap eater titan man
Attack of the titan man
Yeah, yeah
Attack on titan man

Khamix you’s a fool for this one Brodie!
I think we got another one