Nobody (Prod. by XtatiqBeatz)

XtatiqBeatz SA

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Yea yea yea yea
You know how we roll

[Verse 1]
I'm the god flow spitting, nigga with an attitude
Hope you niggas get the picture like a camera do
Woke up feeling like I gotta get it
Man I don't think these niggas ready though
I got bars like a prison
Knew I was the shit when them niggas started hating on me
Yeah guess I'm putting too much pressure on 'em
You run up on me I go loco on you
Took the game I'm runnin' wid it
Since a youngin I had visions
So every night when you sleeping boy I'm all up in my business
Treat the booth like an office, see the pen and the pad?
And I ain't got too many friends niggas stab in the back
This ain't a regular flow
I spit the truth I got that type of heat you claiming you got
Boy I'm running the town
Every time I spit a rhyme that's a headline for you
Jerkin my swag? That's too low my nigga even for you
Let's get it

I'm the man in my city
Ain't nobody fucking with me
All I do is flex on these haters
The new kid on the block
I'm that nigga though
Nobody (x3)
Nobody in this bitch

[Verse 2]
I gave this game my all
I mean its all that I know
Why y'all niggas acting like I ain't stole your show?
Shit is mine for the taking, an eye for an eye
I done starved for too long I need a piece of the pie
This my story boy how dare you wanna tell it for me?
Been the realest since a nigga started
You ain't from the streets boy why you wanna lie?
I want 'em checks I ain't talkin' bout no Nike's
They know we coming that's why they blocking our way
No Somizi boy I give it to you straight
I be aiming at your face like a mugshot
Ain't nobody tighter I'm the only one
Swear I'm bout to blow ain't talking blowjobs
No I can't stop