Get the Bag

Get the Bag (Prod. by XtatiqBeatz)

XtatiqBeatz SA

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Work, work, work putting work
Swagger clean but I came up from the dirt
My bitches call me Ray with them bands
With them cheques mama told me bring em back

Go get the bag (x8)

[Verse 1]
Go get the bag
That's why you niggas looking mad
I'm on my way to the top, tell em I done took the stairs
I was so mad, when I lost a couple of friends
But my grandma she told me you be grateful them niggas were holding you back
Stack it up, stack it up, stack it up
In my city they call me Santa now
Rollin' up, rollin' up, rollin' up
Nigga dabbing with the angels now
Lord I'm grateful for the blessings, 8 years ago I was starving
Funny how they used to look down on me now they looking up to me
This the take a nigga bitch pass her to the team never call her black shit
This the better watch your mouth you don't really want no problems with the man shit
Name a rapper that can do it like I does it so consistent with the hits
Lately I've been having visions of a million people saying this

[Pre-Hook + Hook]

[Verse 2]
I got in the game for the cash, I don't really need the fame
I got in the game for the swag, I just might cop me a chain
I see these niggas love to talk, till I see em face to face
I got the streets going crazy
Got love for my hood like I'm Ace
And if I ever fall I know they got me, everybody around is family
You been low key scheming hoping I don't ever make it, maybe you should do it you think you got it my dawg
Look at me straight in the eyes when you talking that bullshit I dare you my dawg
You talking crazy my dawg
My nigga Greezy got the lean, nigga why you sipping Coolade?
Imma get it with my team, can't fuck with you if you two-faced
Get the bag get the bag
She can get it if she bad
She gone bust it if I say so
And she love it when I say so

[Pre-Hook + Hook]