Realest (Prod. by Jozlina)

Xnation ft Rooster

Ghost EP (2017)

[Intro: Xnation]
You wanna rap? Go ahead and rap.

[Verse 1:]
Look I just came in and my n*ggas here so we On blind
Hazard Gang flexing in Inanda yea we rep hood
Still DBN we never died fixing biggies here and there
My Nashly killing fashion like she's a designer
I called up the Rooster to team with me
This n*gga had it all but there was something missing
I wanted a team now a team so big
I have anger issues they really that bad
I'm sorry my n*ggas I know I messed up
They never back down on me like I wouldn't back down on them
2012 no I mean 11 we were here for the first time as DBN
And the Master came in we did things for the first time
DBN a team so strong
No girl can separate us
We finna go big just to show these n*ggas a way

[Verse2: Rooster]
Realest nigga that you ever seen. Im that only nigger that they dream to be. But theyll never be . That's the realest shit long as im living in.
You comparing me over some wack artists thats the shit that you know. Ispani and you is nothing compared to my cards . I ace em up with the whole sqoud.
Im from the belly of the under ground man i came alive just to feed . And im eating every cat you on my way thats suicide
Say it twice so you understand. Just to make my point one cristle. They dont wanna see you win brah. They dont wanna see progress rather fall back
They dont understand want we do for. Fuck the bitches fuck the fame too. Brings the bags i just want bags. Do it for diba's and more that
Realest niggers now we levitate you said the beast must be unlished now the beast on the real ish

[Hook: Xnatyeah

Look I just came in wanna show these n*ggas what I'm made off
Going hard I was even hard since the nut cell
Nobody finna tell me anything I'm flexing saucing
I'm the best to do it and my mind is sharp as a ****
In my hood I am the realest
And my boys they are the realest
In my hood I am the realest
And my boys argh

[Verse 3: Xnation & Rooster]
My brother be laughing at these n*ggas they can't even trap
They came in the game cause they wanna be us
I'm firing shots if you don't have a vest
You might have a biggie you ain't a realest
Nashly the Nash they hating on us, they say that she young she kinda of a saint
My n*gga think twice you think that I'm worried, I don't entertain

We come alive from the night time. Some people hate when we come Around. I feel safe when im on the rise. Build my name and my state high.

Igama lami manje liphumelel. See alot think i would fall. Maybe take it back. But ian going back just my mind back thinking bout the things i missed yeah[Xnation]
Don't get it twisted I body them n*ggas they know I'm the realest n*gga
Jozi I take it to Jozi cause that song didn't make it n*gga
I'm loving my squad when they all in the building so don't touch us n*gga
Rooster Master Mfundi Slomo Phila and you Pops