Nashly (Throw it back)

Nashly (Throw it back) (Prod. by Jozlina)


Ghost EP (2017)

[Verse 1: Xnation]
Aarh man I really hadto do this
Everyday every night I'm thinking about this Miss
My n*ggas know every girl I'm tryna hit I never miss
You would think I use Mhmm but I'm just natural
Nashly why you being naughty licking on my d*** cause you know it hella saucy
I say Nashly you got looking noddy with me she like a b*tch with y'all she's Holly
I mean that p**** tastes great and she knows I hit it first
She rides me all day and she got that stamina
She bad all year but worse in November
Nashly Hazard throw it back....

[Hook: Unknown female voice]
Let me see you throw it back x8

[Verse 2: Xnation]
She got, I got it, we got it they know
We get high we floating but we on the floor
S***** so good we ignoring the door
My n*gga don't call me if you not talking dough
Skin so fluffy man I call her Caramel
Body so Arrh so I sleep on it
Ass so fat I could hang my shirt to dry there
Them lips I bite softly then I feel them
She's the ish, we looking fresh
Hold her down never crash, on the run to get the cash
She be like "I got you Nash"
Then we get high never low, lights out drop it low
On the streets they talk sh*t we like **** nothing more

[Bridge: Xnation]
She's the eish
We looking fresh
Hold her down
Never crash, Arhh