Wake up early in the morning and i grind hard
Tell em pussy niggas don't be wasting on my time
I got my fam to feed man they waiting on my grind
It's a blessing and a curse nigga same time
That's a demon that's a angel nigga same time
I tell my secrets to nobody only Lord knows
I tell my people keep on grinding and the work will show
Keep on dreaming more more and on chasing more
Life is too short anyway
I got problems that are bigger thana the numbers
Don't tell me you will understand 
I put the pressure on these niggas so they mention me
I put a lecture on you niggas so you learnt from me
My mama told me son you need to watch out for them fakes
Money racks money yeahs nigga get them racks
I want those racks in my bank account rege racks
I want those bands bands bands in my bank account
Who is the champ in here?
Who be flexing here
Who be cashin here(who?)
Touch my nigga like + dem rappers here
Who's the dead in here
I think they got the facts
I think they know I'm next
When my single drop they will think I robbed the bank
And you don't get no credit when you talk about my name
You don't want no problem nigga I'm a fucken problem
And when you look at me that's a no
Don't talk about my past that's a flop
And when you look at me that's a no
Don't talk about my past that's a flop
Don't judge me Don't cross  me
Don't judge me don't cross me
Street gang , we don't even throw signs
Standing by the corner thinking how we came far
Yeah shout out to my nigga signs
He put the flame when I was in ice
Keep judging by my past
I pass you like a blunt
Don't take me for a cunt
Well I pulled the strings where they had to be pulled