Digits (Prod. by Xenee Lee)

Xenee Lee

Skills Over Talent (2016)

Yeey! Yeah (what you countin)
Im counting on digits! x2
Im counting on figures! x3
They never believe us
I make em believe us
I'm counting my haters
Woaw I look at my haters
I look at my haters like what the f*ck
I been living my life so rough
They been judging like they're the Top
Put your mouth where your cash at
Making dab like an airplane
Lord God watch over me
Devil tryna take over me
Funny how they hating me
Lil n*gga no sympathy and I flow rush like taxi
Don't text me I don't need your sh*t
Show life to the poor kids
Don't tell me about jealousy
I've been walking through the back street
Haters looking at the front street
Copy cats no mainstream
Tight b*tches want Xenee Lee
P*ssy n*gga I take your girl while you wearing that expensive sh*t

I'm counting on digits x2
Im making believers
Making believers counting on digits, yeah
I'm counting on figures x2

I'm short like a migit
My girl like a model
We counting on figures the whole nite
Calling my mom like you're alright?
she be alright she a strong mom
I been shining like strobe lights
Niggas tryna pull plugs here
Shock n*ggas like Johnny test
Would I have friends if I never rap
Counting foes like hell yeah
You just want that cash here
Running rap like tracks here
Oow I'm counting on digits
I'm counting on digits
I'm counting on ...

Song Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Siyabulela "Xenee Lee" Mboyiya @FruitionMenacesEntertainment 2016 © SOT Mixtape