eMCee Down For You

eMCee Song[Down For You] Lyrics

[Intro:Sign effects]

Chance we dare,Oceans...(ghost)

[Verse 1:WizRdOcean]
God[?]you my eMCee
You my no one knows the only one i got,In love with em' dimples oh,So do your nose
Mid night shooting star rare to be found,You deserve only 1 to 3 rounds,
Be around when i need you,In love with what's between you,Lemme put mine through,Mine through cause you mine boo,And all i want is to stick on you,
Kopa o mpitse glue,You my ivy the reason why the sky is blue,Lemme bow down i know you do(Uya'Vuma hayi)
Im over the moon stick with you die or ride
If you good that makes me too,Le nna ke alright,I gotchu you my cover like society,
We as two we make the peace sign
Our love on re-run,Pop mabhodlela we bring wine,Beauty divine,
God[?] you my eMCee....
[Verse 2: WizRdOcean]
God[?] you my eMCee,Starting from the bottom,Now we really×2 here,
All this years where were you,Now lemme put you on a low,No rushin into things,I want us to take it slow,Your heart on my ocean,Yeaah we going with the flow
Outdoors or indoors Ko kenya mo dilong,
You by my side my heart rise,Yea o Maraya Angelou,Put my feelings on a controlla,Like ohh Yeaah you my antidote
At first i thought you the main reason
I dropped elope,You got me feeling puzzled like,I'm using fruit loop
Oh Cee you got me feeling some typaway,Your patience let me go,
And come back like a Tupperware,
Always tell you I'll never lose you
I gotchu with my upperhand,It's funny how we caught up in an Comminicado like we being sorry,I saw you missed calls ne oreng,You say you missing me,But you left this morning,Don't lie confess unless you are horny,Why me outta this [?]o boneng?It all started re sunana ko di kqoneng,Once a person fell in love witchu,No turning back im talkin from experience,Yea you got it all o jozi maboneng,Now tell this [?] ga o ba batle
Ke ba bone bago batla kedi Rubberneck
Ge ba o fasa o ba gane neh(yeah)
Just because you my eMCee.