100 mill

100 Mill (all about ma check)
- Willyscott talking:
Oh my love for the money got me workin all day
Yeah ma love for the money got me workin all night
Oh ma love for them bands got me trappin all year
And am never gon stop till i get a 100 mil
(verse 1)
-its racks on racks on racks
-bands on bands on bands
-checks on checks on checks
-stacks on stacks on stacks
-money never sleeps so my hustle aint gon stop
-haters busy talkin trash i just wanna make some cash
-Am tryna get me a couple mill, u better keep up or you keep off
-am grindin hard like a new blender,on the road to riches aint no turning back
-i put in work, take no day off,
Am on beast mode so i go hard
-from nothing to somethin, from zero to hundred thats how i keep on elevating (Woah)
-am talkin money and u talkin funny,if it aint money talk i dont get involved
-like vladmir i just putin work, money coming fast like usian bolt
-fat boy with a skinny patience, play with my money u gon make me loose it
-i got hitters in Pitakwa wen i tell em pull up - pull up, they gon pull up for me


(Verse 2)
*Team work makes the dream work,better back me up or you back off me, i fell in love with a hundred mill and am gon get it by any means.
*money all on my big mind, like am tryna rob a big bank
*Haters mad , haters mad ,haters mad eff em all it aint nothing to me
*i got a plug in abroad, he moving that yay in a ford
*i got a plug in aba be movin dope in an envelope
*Errday boy am gettin bandz
*i be stacking chips No plantain
*am gettin head like a usb so a yung fella stay charged up.
-Am ballin ballin on the regular
-Am Stuntin stuntin on the regular
-Am getting money on the regular
-Am grindin hard on the regular
-i put in work on the regular
-i make it work on the regular
Am balling balling balling balling balling balling balling balling balling & i run the city like am nyesom wike