Rule of Time

The sun was going down in the northern part of town
The moon was rising high through the clouds
The old folks going home
and the young one's going down Town
to mix it up and all fall round
The old man looks the same
as he justifies his name

And Cindy-Jane is waiting there for me,

Time looks on in amazement
It smiles at the damage it's done
It tells you to keep on moving
It never tells you when you're wrong
Cindy-Jane and me, we're sitting in a tree
We're looking down, we're out of sight,
we're having fun,

The late night bars are closing,
and the girls are going home
A child without a father sits alone
The morning brings a new day
Thank God the old one's gone away,
We'll never see it again.
A grey man in a grey suit,
he stands there looking proud
But when the sun slips away,
he goes too,