In Anyway

Somebody please wake me up
Up from this nightmare
I cannot believe I am loved by you woman

Somebody please wake me up
Tell me if I’m really here your love scares me so bad
Like a knife in my heart
Ice in my vein
But I’m still willing to be lucky
To be loved by you woman

Oh woman
Strong woman
Beautiful woman
Strong woman
I can’t believe I’m loved by you.

I see my angels in your eyes
Telling me I’m bound to love you endlessly
What did I do to deserve you
Oh woman

I’m amazed by your patience, love and understanding.

[Esiswati (Swazi) Verse]

OkuhloniphaI Kwakho Kuyangimangalisa (Your respect amazes me)
Buthu ne ku zotsha kwahko kunginika litshemba (Your humility and humbleness gives me hope)
Ngyiakutshandaza mthwanebanthu (I love you my dear)
Kutanjani kutshi mine ngitshwande nguwe? (How come that I’m loved by you?)
Himi lo! Nguwe lo! (Here am I! and there you are!)
Angikholwa kutshi ngitshandva (I can't believe that I’m loved by you)

I can’t believe I’m loved by you
You’re beautiful everywhere
You’re beautiful in every way
You’re beautiful in anyway