You the bomb

Verse 1:
See I've been looking at you from a distance
I could tell, by the way you move girl,you've got it
Nice thick thighs, brows on fleek
Let nobody tell you different body so rare
You my wish I had all around the world
Put it on search, no they can't find one no !
Coz they don't make em like you on more

Pre-chorus :
Girl I love the way you are
See you're perfect the way you are
There's nothing to change
I'd invest my son in you
And the beauty mark on your face
I saw your pictures up on facebook ooh ah
No lie you the bomb baby

Chorus :
You the bomb baby x4
Yaab baby
You the bomb baby
You the bomb baby

Verse 2:
How'd you fit all that
Up in em jeans
I'm looking at your booty
While I'm thinking bouty tings
That's a certified biggy
You ain't gotta photoshop it
On a real note on some amber rose
Pretty light skin Vanilla Queen
Khanyi Mbau
You deserve the crown
I feel like I gotta bow
Let me in your zone
I promise you on fouls
You the bomb baby
And witchu I'm defenceless

Pre-chorus :
Chorus :
Bridge :
So how about we rock a new flame
Ill give you a new name
Baby you the bomb
I just wanna be around you
And lady i love thee way you move ooh baby
Ooh yeah

Chorus :