Mirror mirror mirror mirror
I know you don't hear me
I know you can see me
Time passing by
And you still gon reflect it
I hopped on a blunt and you still wasn't
talking.. fuck!!
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the baddest?
Rhetorical question...
Rhetorical lesson....
Changing my lanes
And you still don't deny it
I'm moving to levels
Where no one will handle
Reflecting my failures
I capture my winnings
I still don't believe that you came along in this
Witness.... mirror mirror mirror mirror
I'm calling you out of a mirror to mirror
As I take on niggas who think I was mirrored
By M n M , fuck!
I'm gon need to be killer
Yeah! Mirror mirror mirror mirror
I'm making a wish, but I already have it
My haters are dead, and I've already risen
I'm crowning my ninjas
I'm checking my mates and.. fuck!
Mirror mirror mirror mirror
I'm taking my dreams
To be tested again...
Again and again
Fuck I said that again...
I'm hippy as fuck..
So I fuck that again
Mirror mirror mirror mirror
The beat is on flick
And I'm lighting my niggas
Igniting these lyrics
The gimmicks.. I lyric
Im getting my lyric...
You know that I'm lyric....
Yeah.. Venomen in this shit...
I'm crowning the name..
Same in the game....
I take over lanes...
Tory again.. I'm watching this shit
Fuck I'm ticking these niggas.. Yeah
Mirror mirror mirror mirror..
Mirror mirror mirror mirror
Mirror mirror mirror mirror
Dreams of reality
Drippin again
I'm dreaming bout this
But I see through myself
And it's empty as fuck
Man I'm coke in a can
Yea... Light up a life
Like a mirror reflection
I'm sounding like Luke
So you look up the danger.. Check.
Mirror mirror mirror mirror
We Rollin in circles
I'm losing my causes
Mirror mirror mirror mirror
I'm taking my time
While I set up a mirror.
Reflections are living
I'm living in actions
So lection my caption
Attending the lessons.. Yeah
Mirror mirror mirror mirror
Mirror mirror mirror mirror
Dead!!!!!! Fuck
Rise of viper
I'm spitting some venom
It's Venomen here
And I'm all out on cyphers
Check... Edit again
I'm cruising on settings
I switch up again..
Yeah.. Switch up..
I'm all up on settings, I switch up again
Hell naw....
Question again...
I'm rolling on this haters
Like I'm shielding my face
I get on track, break a sweat
I be salting my brace
I never been too hesitated
So I'm shaking the game.. Again
Venomen.. I'ma spell that again
But not in time to catch a cold
So I be catching my fault and all
It's up to me...
So I'm up at the top....
I'm busy lowering your game..
As I take over fame.. Yeah
They say you dope..
That's the reason I smoke..
Cos I'm murdering your game..
And i'ma turn it to smoke...
Mirrors on my side
I'm a hero to most..
Got them looking up to me
So I gotta get high
Mirror mirror mirror mirror
I start from the bottom
Then Drake had to summon
I've been on my level
Khalifa had several
I'm flowing through beats
And a Nigga had bruises
Yeah.. Mirror mirror mirror mirror
Relationship goals
I got most of the goals
So if bae had to witness
My smahes would add up
It's us on this road
And I'll love you forever yeah!
Mirror mirror mirror mirror