Some people look down on me underrate like say them know what am gonna be
Some people look up to to me
Telling me don't stop
To keep doing my shit
And somehow i know am gonna win
Oma ya won lenu
They will be force to hail me cos my mama don try for me
It's time to make her proud and I'm not gonna sleep

I know some people don't think i can make in life
But i promise to surprise you all
I know it's not easy but I'm working very hard very hard
And i promise i will give it my all
I'm working every day
I'm working every night
No candy crush game
Music all the time
You come dey tell me say
I just dey kirika
Oju yin lo ma she
You all be surprise
Don't tell me say i no get future
You no dey dey there when i dey talk to my Lord
Don't tell me say make i go lock up
Na wetin you see you know
Many things for back door )

Some people don't know what you're going through
They will just just be saying shit about you uuuuu
And some of them know
But choose to ignore
Just keep doing what you're doing
When you make it they will be proud to tell the world your story
They will need your help someday
Break that bread at your pace
But just stay at the top of your game
Ey eh ey and I'm not gonna
Eh eh eh ey and im not gonna sleep
Eh eh eh ey not gonna
Uuuu and am not gonna sleep....