Oh no oh no it's Unice Don uh uh e ye e eh uh yea

Hello , either you hang up or not, Unice Don i wouldn't stop talking
I just wanna hear your voice oh 2x
I can't wait to hear your voice , baby talk let me hear your voice....
Hello, how are you doing that's i wanna know .

I have missing missing your voice that's why i give you call
It has been long i hear from you boy '
I still can't believe you're gone
*For a very very long time I've been waiting for you ( waiting for you uu)
But this thing is getting real now *
that I'm missing you uuuuuu
how are your friends and your family ...
How are you doing please tell me
that's all i wanna know uuuuu
I just wannna know if you're doing good *

Just say a word
Let me hear your voice
It's your voice i wanna hear
And i want to know if you're doing well
I remember the first day we met
You told me you like the way i dressed
Only you nobody else
Can fill the space since you left
I just wanna let you know
Someone is missing you
Not only your body oh
Everything about you uuuu