By Any Means

K'dala ngigudla ngizam' uk'push-a
But they didn't listen
Now they call me and they tell me
They just tryna kick it
Sekumnandi ang'salambi
Now you tryna visit
Tired of people acting like I want a lotto ticket
I'm still gon get it by any means
I'm still gon get it by any means
I'mma go get it by any means
I never panic watch me dashing through my enemies

[Verse 1: Stogie T]
This is really just a walk in the park
Whistling to women showing me love
Come see me, I'm in Switzerland in March
Still ain't had a winter since the start
So it's short sleeves
And my work still feels like a short leave
Do a whole tour in my off week
I'm in Austria with Black Coffee, nigga
And I'm off I been insane with the flows, Stogie T
They playing a role, I paved the road
That lane you own is owed to me
Come build with me, I do it well
Sphuma ver, from a little city that you knew as hell
Europeans greet me, je m'appelle
It was hard for my bae, we would struggle to pay
She stuck it out with a nigga
Now it's hard to figure Saint Tropez or Shanzay Lezay
I'm on a boat bitch, stomach out like Jo'burg pigs
Summer time, ocean dip
Album out, it's golden or nix


[Verse 2: Yanga]
What's it about me you hate
My look or the fact that you can't duplicate
Oh wait, y'all niggas can't even say
It's funny how y'all never doubted the fakes
Oksalayo I'm proud of myself
Still held it down mabadakwe ngempela
I keep it coming, Khapela
Show after show, see the money connect, dibela
I'll come and collect, I just hope that you coming correct
Keep your fore but kind to your chest
Pray you cope when you're tired of stress
Ingathi nizilibele kum
Nasepartini nizimele kude
I'm with the ladies, I'm good
I ain't put all this work in to stay in the hood
I ain't come all this way just to play with you dudes
At the end of the day, got your bae in the mood
Makuya ngaye, we good
Young and desirable dude
I always respect aba groot
S'sokole nabo sa hlupa
S'ncokole nabo sa hlula
Smoking that high altitude
Stogies allowed in my room
iVolume siyithatha ku Tumi


[Verse 3: Emtee]
I been rocking since back then
On my ten toes or hang ten
All I had was my trap friends
Sell work then I stack tens
Now I'm feeding my Nguni goons
And they fully true to this little dude
And we finna scoop your boo boo
And make her say Who You
And we been bangin in them streets
I been slanging to them fiends
We been trappin it's been hap'nin
Now we snacking on weak rappers who talk shit
Here's a Tic Tac when you speak
Yeah, I'm getting paid ey week
Yeah, making sure my niggas eat
Benithi siyadlala bo, nisazolimala bo
Khanda izaka joe, just killed another show
Cel ungang'naki joe mngaba awugcwali yo
We not here to party joe, re pusha spane mo, ey
I got fifty bitches, I ain't gon hit it man
It's all for the image
You was way too extra for me
Now you want my digits!
I be rolling up a jet on the daily
Show some restraint, they know I'm next
Repping my set, my nigga lives
Ball like the Nets