Stogie vs Black Twitter

Stogie vs Black Twitter

Tumi Molekane ft Nomonde Sky

Stogie T Singles


[Verse 1]
Young dude stopped me by the car
Said wanna hear the bars
Nah, go get a job
I know from down there it look like everyone a star
'Til you measure the cold dark spaces apart
His cousin on drugs, says he's hustling food
So is your favourite rapper, same WhatsApp group
But dude I can't show you what you can't see, believe
I can't rob you off your dream, you think
I'm the one that's hateful, trash human being
And all my problems stem from my hate of mediocrity
And all these albums ain't made you feel hard as my tweet
And all your problems ain't gon stop 'cause you ride a beat
Your mom still get beat by your step dad
Your aunt still gon need you trough setbacks
The crowd think your writtens is dead trash
But you gotta smile and pretend that
It's bubbles in your glass but they burst that
Man curse that

[Verse 2]
I get it y'all
You guys see these hopefuls and think maybe
But not me, I see the chose than ain't make it
Graphically my memory haunted by their faces
Working street corners and some of them petrol stations
Y'all say it's hate and a lotta conversation
The game only open to a lotto combination
They did a number on you, niggas hoping for a bonus
If the numbers are true, all they do is fucking bone us
Label brokers leave you famous broke but sell you Oprah
It's maybe four of the biggest rappers can say they're owners
My uncle grew up with nada, worked at Bara the longest
And got himself a crib that's more than your favourite flaunters
It's really haunting, unemployment twenty six percent
You niggas out here sounding like 5 Cent
Ey, I'm just schooling you, but I'm losing you
It's your funeral nigga, suit yourself

[Verse 3]
It's my funeral so I let this flow be the wreath
Take Black Twitter to help me take out the trash
We been itching to get this far
I guess that art is a rash
We are the hungry kings that freestyle for the kings
That make it big then they take shots at us like slings
The industry's been raped and options got her legs closed
But here I am [?] to be corrected
Niggas been at it so long
They forgot what it's like to be neglected
A feature from the nigga Black Twitter, rejected
A remedy for the readily offended