Not Sleeping Alone

[Chorus: Tumelo and Rorisang]
I'm not sleeping alone tonight
Cos my bed gets lonely every night when you're not here
Stay with me, stay with me tonight

[Verse 1: Tumelo]
It's not good for a man to be alone
Everything in his house
It's in its place
Except your body, your body is missing
The nights are getting longer
And I no longer
Look forward to coming home
Girl I swear it feels like
Four seasons of winter
And my heart can't stand the cold
I refuse to be alone tonight


[Verse 2: Rorisang]
How do I put myself to sleep at night
Your touch and kiss became my lullaby
I went and tried a shot of something strong
It only made me weak and want you more
I keep seeing your face in your bed
Maybe it's a sign that I'm desperate
Maybe that's a sign that you should be here
Maybe that's a sign that you should be coming home to me tonight


No way