(Pre Hook)

You make me think more,
You make me smile more when I see your pretty face"
I wanna feel your body on me,
I wanna kiss your lips honey"
Bbey I miss you and I know that you miss me"

You ma buddy and ma love(you ma buddy and ma love)
You everything to me! (x2)
Heeeeh heeh heeh heeh heeh!
When I see you ma body is shaking,
Ma heart jumps a little with joy x2

I have gone crazy with you bbey you amuse me"
Courier on the road when you away I'm like' hold me tight,kiss me,feel me!
You rock ma world sweet i'mma die for you'
I won't lie honey you the blessin'
Our style always appealing,
Trust me when I say I won't dessert you,I love you!
Don't call me Mr perfect, but I promise to be the best for you'
You know how I feel about you,
All I'm planning is to love you the rest of my life uyang'chaza"
Are you a WiFi?
Cause i'm feeling connection right now, no hesitation bbey you ma remedy'
Make me proud
Make me smile, I'm impressed with your attitude you mine, you know the story!

(Pre hook)


When I say I love, I mean it,
When I say I love you respect that!
I'm truly in love with you be conscious, if you doubt me then you wrong'
You the God sent"
I'm dying to marry you come let's dance, yesesi!
I'm proudly walking on the street,
You made me a man
I have changed my ways,
Your presence makes my life better and better, you know I'm the hustler and you so ambitious that great though"
You told me "be patient until you persue your career even though they say you can't be par with the besties push hard honey slowly but surely"
I marked those words,
Not any girl can tell that but you did babes"
I'm giving you ever lasting love, you shinning like a dove ooh Lord above be there for us all the time,
And with you bbes I don't wanna be dejected,
You ma Queen every where I go I need you close!