Cut ties

_Ayo TrippyK_
Sup Gee
_its about time amigo_
Time for what hermano
To_to pull up everything_ what coz I...I've been pulling bro like foreal...been pulling
Lemme tell you

Verse 1
I been pulling happy socks on
Shawty in G-stringz been Stripping em off
Now I'm pulling sleeves
Pulling strings and blings
Its nasty now coz I'm bout to pull the trigger and kill em all
Pull the sword and cut...


Cut throat cut ties
We'll never be a tie
This is my type
I'll never retire
I'm burning like a tire
We won't stop trying

Cut ties,solo eagles fly higher than a crow
Cut ties×2
Fight for the crown don't fight for the crowd
Most will be proud
Riot can be frail,if you have a lot on your plate
Plot a mouthful and swallow that pride

Verse 2

Should I check my doc coz I don't see you all with them true colors y'all showing me
Maybe I'm color blind
Smash the bass but I hear twitters behind but they hide
When i turn back fore they stab I sustep
I'm genocide on the side
Hop and hope you get a clearer picture
I'll frame it in bars
Don't crop it, get the bigger picture
Make it a fixture,be the teacher or a preacher I'm still the creature with the eager egos
We doing undergoes amigos
10 outta 10 will never be improper fraction
Still doing conquers of action.
Its not a fiction but culture and fashion
Now I'm giving caution caution
Having convo with my conscience
Sorry to spoil the competition
Siri tell em to try again later they outta luck


Cut throat cut ties(ties)
We will never be a tie(we will never be a)
This is my type(this my)
I will never get tired(I'll never get tired)
I will never retire(I'm burning like a tire)
We won't stop trying(we won't stop)
Cut throat cut ties(cut cut)
We'll never be a tie

Verse 3
I'm a young savage got a lot(a lot) in me
I'm a lettuce amongst cabbages get what I mean
Its like cats,snakes and rats
Sometimes snakes and ladders
Get to the top and get swallowed by the big ones
Tippy top everybody is on top
Tick tock time ain't money coz you have it now
Trippy got it all on tippy toes
Once upon time trippy king king was a pawn
Hence trippy got it on
Hence in the game I lost buh just got up respawn and they despond and they wont even respond