SelfdriveMixtape (2017)


Track: Trigger My Bad Mood(OUTRO)
Album Title: SelfdriveMixtape
Artist : Tripple M
Release Date: 24 September 2017


Friends,foes,hoes,these demons
They all wanna trigger,trigger
Trigger my bad mood (Repeat)

First Verse

Tripp,Tripp ah
Im a middle class bitch
With some smart A tits,
And a fat a** ego thats a metaphor
Appetite for the money is an OVOXO case so l gotta do it right then l gotta kill
Feeling like a lab rat that can feed on cats and take 9 lives for a petty deal
Its only a matter of a tape in the time of the tapes that you rappers really time that lm f*cken ill
And this tha moment that l tell you that lm insight
Its a siege l aint waiting for the greenlight
So TNTs to the maf*cken T & Cs l've been booming ever since 2-0-1-5
I took my time just to study all my legends
And pay my dues before l even got my credits
I couldnt stand knowing that the kid in the mirror is better than many men onscreen,l had to prove it

The pen in my hand canbe the greatest life saver
The pen in my hand canbe fatal to intellectuals
Buh ,without this Selfdrive l could have dropped it way back cause l was raised by the CROODS a family allergic to change
I've been about this rap ishhh ever since l was in high,
laid my blueprints up in class buh still l passed that ishhh
Iaid my blueprints up inclass ,still l passed that ishh
Had to deal with certain things before l skipped to my dreams
lm grateful buh they all wanna


Trigger,trigger ,trigger my bad mood

Second Verse

Oh you sound too foreign
You should rap in venec bruh
I mean to get the headlines
You should feature the gods bruh
I mean yall aint even my team
So wassup with the pep talk?
Im CR 7 with this ishhh ,that means your gods aint my gods
Man l took,took an oath ,just to kill the art
And play my my part
Check the pattern
Straight from Heaven
Im imported,lm important
Keep the fist bumbs,keep the favors
I will take profits, and the riches and your bitches ,all in prefix,
B*tch lm Hundrixx l deserve this ,l demand this

F*ck the elevator l will take the stairs
Beat me now,b*tch l will beat you there
F*ck your advice l will take the hardway
Reach on the advice & burn the bridges
I been on my toes,never tripp bruh
I got icons under my zip bruh
I stay chilled like lm moving the dope bruh


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